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Here we will show you how you can connect an application to your Analysis to automate the data ingress.

  1. Click on the "Analyses" tab

  2. Click on "+ New Analysis"

  3. Select the Data Type that you want to analyze and click on "Next"

  4. Enter a Name for the Analysis and a short description, then click "Submit"

  5. Click on "App Integration"

  6. Select the language that you would most expect in your data. This helps to best configure the search functionality.

  7. Customize you Analysis by selecting the pre-defined Deepers that you want to connect, and click "Continue". These Deepers will help you to automatically categorize your data. You can try them in the "Auto-Tagging" tab. And, don't worry, you can always add Deepers later as well.

  8. You will arrive to a screen showing you a list of apps that can be connected to Deep Talk

  9. Your Analysis is now ready to receive data. Follow one of these tutorials for app-specific instructions to configure the connection:

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