Typeform integration (via Zapier)
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Target: Each time a customer or employee answers a question in the survey. Send response for analysis to Deep Talk

What do we need?: A Deep Talk account, a Typeform account, and a Zapier account.

1.- Create in Deep Talk, an empty analysis where you will receive the answers to the survey.

2.- Follow the wizard, select "Surveys" as the data you want to analyse

3.- Connect your Typeform to upload your data (Previously login to Typeform).

4.- Click on "Try this template"

5.- Select "New Entry" in the "App & event"

6.- In "Trigger", select the name of your survey in "Typeform"

7.- Now, connect your Deep Talk Account.

8.- Select the "analysis" in Deep Talk where you will send each survey response.

9.- In "Text" select the name of the column where you will receive the answers. For example, in this case, the question is "What would you improve in the company?"

10.- Select the column with the "Date" of the answer.

11.- You can add more columns to cross-reference data and enrich your reports. For example you can add data from NPS, CSAT, cities, gender, ranking, etc,

In this case we will add NPS in the first image, and more columns in the second image.

For the metadata columns, it is important that you write a "name" of the column and select "the value" that column has.

12.- Once you finish the zap setup, "publish" the zap and every time someone answers a survey, you will receive that data in Deep Talk for analysis.

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