You can now add your personalized categories to the result dashboard. This will give you quick insights into how many times a certain category was mentioned in your data and what the sentiment distribution across that category looks like.

For example, in about 200 documents mainly positive comments were made about the delivery speed. The pricing of products was mentioned even more often, with a larger percentage of neutral and negative comments.

The categories are completely customizable by you, such that you can track exactly what you are interested in. In order to define a category, you need to:

  1. Train a Deeper for your category.

  2. Apply that Deeper to your analysis.

That's all!

Visit this page to learn more about how to train your Deeper:

Once you have configured your Deeper, you only need to:

Click on the "hamburger" button on the header bar.

This will open a new window. There you will see a list of all your Deepers. Select the Deeper that you want to apply to your analysis, and click "Apply Selected Deeper".

We will show you a confirmation that the predictions are running.

Applying the first Deeper to an analysis may take a while, depending on the size of your dataset. Once this process has finished, any future Deeper that you apply to your dataset will only take a couple of seconds.

When the predictions are done, you will see your first category in the "Most important categories" section.

We are planing to enhance this feature even more, for example, by showing time evolution of the categories. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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