If your data source is "Conversations," you can process that data with the "Topic detection model."

This model lets you dive into your conversations to better understand what customers are talking about with your agents.

You will detect topics on three nested levels:

  • First Level: Captures the main objects of interest of your customers. For a bank, this may be a "bank account."

  • Second Level: Captures which actions the customers want to take on these main objects. In the example of the bank, these may show that customers want to open or close a bank account.

  • Third Level: A precise grouping of customer issues within the second level. Here we find specific recurring problems that customers may have in opening a bank account.

In a first step, the model will analyze all conversations and identify which messages of your client contain his/her problem statement. In a second step, the model then creates the nested hierarchy of topics presented to you on the results page.

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