What is Deep Talk?

How Deep Talk works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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Deep Talk is a no-code deep learning platform to transform text data into valuable data for customer success, customer experience, and sales.

Analyze your emails, chats, customer support tickets, surveys, social networks and start using your text data.

What can I do with Deep Talk?

If you have support tickets, emails, chats, WhatsApp, surveys, or a helpdesk like Intercom, you can use Deep Talk to:

  • Organize and see what are your customers talking about: Organize conversations or general text data and see the topics inside the data

  • Follow the evolution: How are communications evolving? Follow the most frequent topics daily on your emails, chats, social networks.

  • Make groups of topics: Group different topics and follow them. For example, you can have different topics about sales, group them in "Sales" and follow that group.

Who uses Deep Talk?

  • Customer success teams who want to detect what kind of issues people are experimenting with, new features requested, the most frequent topics people are talking about.

  • Customer experience teams who want to detect complaints, and why the people are unsatisfied.

  • Sales teams who want to detect sales opportunities in conversations, mails, chats

  • Support teams who want to detect the most frequent issues or problems the people are having

  • AI/Analytics teams who don't want to spend months building and deploying NLP/DL models to process their data

Why Deep Talk is different?

Instead of hiring many data scientists to create deep learning models to analyze your text data, with Deep Talk you have dozens of models pre-trained and ready to use starting for free.

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